Top 10 Blockchain Crypto Based Racing Games -2023
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Top 10 Blockchain Crypto Based Racing Games -2023

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and blockchain technology has a lot to offer it. In this article, I have taken a look at the top 5 blockchain crypto-based racing games that will be available in 2018-2023 (according to my research).


1.1 What are the top blockchain crypto based racing games?

One of the most popular and engaging genres of video gaming is racing, where players must navigate their cars through a series of obstacle courses in order to reach the finish line first. Blockchain-based racing games allow players to experience this thrilling and adrenaline-pumping genre on a new level by incorporating features like virtual assets, cryptographic tokens and smart contracts. Here are three of the best blockchain-based racing games currently available:

1.0 Overdrive: A Fast & Furious Racing Game on the Blockchain

Released in Q3 2018, Overdrive is an innovative racing game that lets players experience high-speed action reminiscent of The Fast and The Furious films. Players can choose from a variety of cars, tracks and modes to compete in, all while using tokens to purchase upgrades and power up their vehicles. With its unique blend of online multiplayer action and blockchain technology, Overdrive is sure to captivate race fans everywhere.

  1. EOSRacing: An Ethereum Racing Game Built on EOS Blockchains

EOSRacing is a sleek Ethereum-based racing game that allows players to simulate real world car races on dedicated blockchains. Players can choose from a variety of cars and drivers, as well as customize their vehicles with upgrades. The game also offers online multiplayer support for up to 10 players at once, making it ideal for competitive racing enthusiasts looking for some serious fun.


  1. Bitcoin: the first and most well-known blockchain crypto-based racing game
  2. Ethereum: second most popular blockchain crypto-based racing game
  3. NEO: a new blockchain crypto-based racing game

Bitcoin is the first and most well-known blockchain crypto-based racing game. It was created in 2009, and has since then become one of the most popular games on the market. Players can compete in various races to earn Bitcoins and other rewards. Ethereum is second most popular blockchain crypto-based racing game, with over 25 million players. NEO is a new blockchain crypto-based racing game that has surged in popularity in recent months.


Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of fraud or third party interference.

Ether is the native token of the Ethereum platform and is used to pay for gas, fees, and services on the Ethereum network.


  1. What are NFTs?

NFTs are a new type of cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. They’re essentially digital tokens that can be transferred between users and used in a variety of ways, including as part of online games.

  1. Why are NFTs useful?

NFTs have several advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies. First, they’re more durable than Bitcoin or Ethereum: Once created, an NFT cannot be destroyed or altered, which makes it ideal for use in games where money could potentially be lost or stolen. Additionally, because they’re based on a public blockchain, anyone can inspect and verify the data contained within them. This makes them ideal for use in trustless systems such as online gaming platforms.

  1. How do NFTs work?

NFTs are created by combining a series of algorithms with cryptographic proof to create a unique asset. The asset’s data (e.g., the name of the game, logo, etc.) is then stored on the blockchain and verified by independent parties. Once created, an NFT cannot be changed or deleted without compromising its associated data integrity – meaning it can be trusted to represent its intended value accurately.

Key Terms

  1. What are the key terms you’ll need to understand to get started playing blockchain-based racing games?

In order to play most blockchain-based racing games, you’ll need to know some key terms. These include cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum), blockchains, and cryptocurrency transactions.

  1. What types of races can you expect in these games?

Most blockchain-based racing games let you compete in a variety of different races. These can include street races, drag races, rallycross events, and more. You’ll also be able to participatin in challenges and race seasons, which can give you new goals to strive for.

10 Racing Games

Looking for a blockchain-based racing game that is both thrilling and challenging? Look no further than these five games!

  1. CryptoKart: This race game features a variety of tracks and characters from the crypto world, such as Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin. You can also customize your kart, as well as compete in online and offline races.
  2. Ethereum Racing: This immersive racing experience takes you on a journey through the Ethereum network, from mining camps to beautiful landscapes. There are multiple tracks to race on and challenges to complete, making this one of the most detailed blockchain racing games out there.
  3. Etherecash: This game is all about speed and competition. You can race against others online or locally in this futuristic setting full of high-tech cars and amazing scenery.
  4. BitShares Racer: This platform-agnostic racing game allows you to join teams of up to 10 players and race against other teams in a variety of modes, including multiplayer races and challenges.
  5. BLOCKv Game Platform: This unique game platform lets you create your own blockchain games with easy-to-use tools and templates. You can also share your games with the world and earn rewards in the form of VEE tokens!
  6. Bitcoin Racers:
  7. 1.The Game of Blockchain Racing 2. Crypto Backwards – A Race for the Future 3. Mancala4. Elapheerum: The First Legal Blockchain Racing 5. XBitRacing 6. Superblocks 7. BlockDash 8. RaceNets 9. Gold Rush 10. Gladiators of Rome

Bitcoin racers are a popular type of game that uses blockchain technology. Crypto backwards is a race for the future where players must collect coins while avoiding obstacles. Mancala is another game that uses this same technology.

Elapheerum is the first legal blockchain racing game and it offers players a chance to win real money prizes.

XBitRacing is another popular blockchain racing game that allows players to compete in online races or cups. Superblocks is an arcade-style racing game that also uses blockchain technology. BlockDash is a race to find the next block and it has been compared to bubble shooter games because of its simple controls and addicting gameplay.

RaceNets allows players to connect with other drivers in order to compete in real-time races. Gold Rush is a mining game that uses blockchain technology to power its economy and allow players to earn rewards. Gladiators of Rome is an action-packed strategy game that also uses blockchain technology

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