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How to effectively Import Lotus Notes to Outlook: Best Ways

As needs change, users switch from one email client to another. Similarly, users are these days switching from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. But the users can not access NSF files in Microsoft Outlook. It happens because Outlook only supports PST file format. That’s why we receive lots of queries stating  How to read Lotus Notes NSF files in Outlook. The answer is by converting the NSF file to PST file format. We will discuss the top solutions to convert NSF files into PST files. Moreover, we have an expert-recommended tool named Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. But before that, let us discuss the grounds to import Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Why do Users Migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

There are several factors for switching from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. Following are the reasons for the conversion of NSF files:- 

  • Outlook provides more satisfactory data management and safety than Lotus Notes.
  • Lotus Notes have a complicated interface. Due to this, novice users face difficulties. 
  • There is less maintenance cost in Outlook than compared with Lotus Notes.
  • We can access mailboxes while we are offline in MS Outlook Application. But, this is not possible in Lotus Notes.

Due to the above reasons, users import Lotus Notes to Outlook. Let us now learn the methods to transfer Lotus Notes emails to Outlook.

Manual Techniques to convert NSF to PST free 

This technique includes two stages to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook finally. The two phases are as follows:- 

  1. Export NSF database to CSV 
  2. Importing CSV file to Outlook

Step 1: Export NSF database to CSV 

  1. Launch Lotus Notes on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Click on File, then select Open and choose HCL Lotus Notes App.
  3. After that, tap on Browse and pick the needed NSF file.
  4. Navigate to the File option and press Export.
  5. In the emerged Export window, provide a location for the new file, File name, and pick CSV as the File type. Now, press the Export tab.
  6. In the next window, pick the options regarding Export Character Set, How Much to Export, and Detail to Incorporate
  7. Finally, click OK to complete phase 1 and export NSF to CSV.

The above instructions will export the Lotus Notes NSF file to CSV file Format. Similarly, follow some more steps to import Lotus Notes to Outlook. Following are the steps to import the newly created CSV file to Outlook.

Step 2: Importing CSV file to Outlook

The next stage is importing the CSV file created in the previous phase to Outlook. Given below are the steps to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook:-

  1. Run MS Outlook on your system to proceed.
  2. Now tap on File and opt for Open and Export.
  3. Afterward, click on Import and Export option. 
  4. In the visible Import and Export Wizard, pick Import from another program or file. Then, hit the Next button.
  5. After that, choose Comma Separated Values and tap on Next.
  6. Then, click the Browse tab and select the CSV file created earlier.
  7. Pick the option regarding duplicates and tap on Next.
  8. Choose the location folder for keeping the data and tap on the Next tab.
  9. Finally, Hit the Finish button for the Outcome.

This manual procedure will import Lotus Notes to Outlook effectively. But this process has some limitations. Let’s discuss these in the successive context.

Limitations of Manual Approach

Like any other method, manual tricks have some weaknesses. Given below are the weak points of the Manual procedure:-

  • There is no assurance of complete conversion of NSF files to PST in Manual ways.
  • Manual processes are prone to data loss.
  • It can move one NSF file at a time. Due to this, it becomes a tiresome procedure.
  • It is a complex and complicated method for non-tech users.

These all are the shortcomings of using the Manual method. But don’t worry. There is another alternative to circumvent the limitations of the manual approach. We will discuss this approach in the succeeding context.

Professional Method to Import Lotus Notes to Outlook

To overcome the above limitation, we have a professional technique. Here we will use an advanced utility to transfer Lotus Notes emails to Outlook. The name of the utility is Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface, which helps novice users to handle the software with ease. The utility can also migrate all Lotus Notes items like messages, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc. This software doesn’t have file size restrictions also. To add on, It can convert multiple NSF files at one time. Moreover, the utility has some advanced features for effortless conversion. Let us now finish the blog with the conclusion.

Final Thought

This informative post contains all the information regarding ways to import Lotus Notes to Outlook. It includes two approaches, which are manual and professional ways. However, there are some limitations to Manual techniques. Thus, I recommend users opt for the Professional method to overcome these weak points. I hope now you can convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST using the above ways.

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